Cooper Copper Fountain Detail, Public Square in Mt. Vernon, Ohio

by Sandy Lastname July. 28, 2017 1683 views
Cooper Copper Fountain detail, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Cooper Copper Fountain detail, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

This is a detail of one of the three birds at the base of the Cooper Copper fountain (say that five times fast!) on the public square at the center of old downtown Mount Vernon. The fountain was donated in the 1880s by Charles Cooper, founder of a local ironworks that became Cooper Industries.

It was restored in the 1990s. Personally, I don't like the finish at all. It's been painted black and then had the high points highlighted in white. A natural copper patina would be a thousand times more attractive, in my opinion.

Still, it's a nice feature, and there are several shady benches and a couple other items of historic interest to look at on the square.

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