Paris Overview

by Saumya Vats January. 02, 2018 527 views

Paris was the time of my life. I enjoyed every minute there.

I was lucky that my university had alums that gave generous scholarships so that students could afford to go. My sophomore year I was the president of the French club so it further helped me receive an award.

I went to college in rural, southern Virginia. On the weekends, I would look forward to going to Walmart. What made me feel even more stuck was that I didn't have a car and nor did any of my close friends. It was also an all-women's college with a bare minimum party life. There were times when I felt stuck and desperately needed an escape.

In Paris, I would look forward to museums, bars, concerts, boutiques, monuments, and so much more. With the metro system, it was easy to get anywhere. You can imagine how happy I was compared to my situation in college.

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