Morning at the HQ

by Jim F July. 17, 2008 1763 views

These photos are from this morning at the headquarters building. Again, I had a few minutes after breakfast to poke around the water and take photos of interesting stuff.

Either the elements or a variety of insects have had their way with this tree stump, but nature has a way with geometry, right?

These baby crabs hide under the rocks just along the shoreline - they're fast guys, but this one stood still for a while, letting me photograph him as he walked slowly up a rock, then sprinted to the waterline.

Another conifer, indigenous to the North Carolina area.

Tree stumps in the water w/ morning light.

The shoreline, curving around - lots of water around this base!

Originally, my intent was to photograph the inside of my car, but there's not really that much interesting - this shot taken through the steering column.

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