Jim F's Lejeune Posts

The last week we were in the states; an Osprey lifting off, an albino crab of some sort, a survey marker up north, Onslow beach and the last surf session there…

Today we took a little bit of early morning fog so I ran back to the barracks to pick up my camera. A little underexposed, but I think these shots adequately…

More photos from the same excursion as yesterday, there were just too many so I split them up into two different entries.

Went out to a football game last night and took a bunch of photos of some kids running around. Good game, but our team lost.

Camp Lejeune has many fantastic places to go spend your time off base. All these photos were taken on Rt. 24, AKA “Lejeune Blvd”, which runs right outside the…

Life in the military. Sometimes it's great, but for a few of these folks, this is what it's like every day.

1500 Toothpicks, two bootlaces. This is what total, utter boredom will do to you on your first weekend in the area.
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