Hot Tub Slime Machine

by Scott July. 23, 2010 3669 views

This is part of the pool area of an abandoned hotel in Mazatlan, Mexico. There was a guard posted outside, but one of the many good things about Mexico is that a $10 bill will get you into a lot of places. I told the guard we'd be just a few minutes. The hotel wasn't much. Pretty boring actually. But then as I stepped out on a balcony and I couldn't believe my eyes! A brilliantly green colored swimming pool! There was lots of trash and debris everywhere, and this old dog that was going crazy (in a good way) like he hadn't seen a human being in 5 years. I wanted to get a closer look, but we couldn't figure out how to get downstairs. I'll post a picture of the complete pool at a future date. Thanks for looking!

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