The John Foster Series- #1

by Scott July. 29, 2010 4181 views

John Foster is my Grandpa. He is my Moms Father. Grandpa is going to turn 90 years old this December! Anyway, as a kid, I always knew he was into photography. I mostly remember some nature photos he had taken that were on the wall. I also remember when I'd visit him, sometimes we'd go spend a day in San Francisco, just the two of us. He'd take me to all my favorite spots like Pier 39, Alcatraz etc., but he'd always insist on visiting a camera shop or two for his own enjoyment as well. A few years ago while looking through some family photo albums with him, we came across a couple old leathery photo ones. They were the kind that have those crisp black pages that you would stick photos in with little sticky corners.. They were filled with all kinds of neat old black and white photos…. You know the kind, odd rectangular and square shapes. Not the usual 3 x 5 photos that I grew up with. There were family vacations, pictures of him growing up back in Illinois, and also pictures of his own kids growing up (my Mom and Uncle). Then we came across this one album that really caught my eye… It was tan with a nice padded leather cover….and the cover was embossed with a B-17 Bomber Airplane! This was his Army Air Corpse photo album! I couldn't believe it! Anyone who knows me well, knows I'm a military history buff… so as we're going through the album, I'm literally pulling out each photo and asking “can I have this one Grandpa?” Finally he just gave me the whole album! So when I started this blog, I kind of had an idea in the back of mind that I would use it to celebrate my Grandpa and his photography as much as I could. So last week I sent him an email and asked if he'd mind if I published some of his photos. He of course said sure.. and so today I present the first of which I'm sure will be many photo's, taken by my Grandfather, John Foster. He is loved by his friends and family, and seems to know everyone in his town. He truly is part of “The Greatest Generation”, having served his country, landing at Normandy on D-Day + 6. Just typing that chokes me up. Anyway, picking the first photo for the series was hard. This one definitely stood out to me. Any photo with fighter planes in it is going to the top of the pile! Grandpa tells me this photo was taken at Moffett Field [] in Northern California, probably around 1946 or 47. The planes are BT-13 Vultee Basic Trainers [].. he says “we called them Vultee Vibrators. In addition to general training, I was on an ‘Alert Crew’. We serviced visiting aircraft. That was a 24 hour job. It was interesting and also boring. In the middle of the night we played cards, usually cribbage.” I have some more of Grandpas photos from Moffett Field, as well as some really neat old Disneyland photos, cool family photos and more. I need to scan a bunch more in, so I will be posting more in this series, hopefully 3-4 a month. I believe this is the first time Grandpas photography has been on the World Wide Web. I am very proud to be bringing it to you. Thanks.

Moffett Field

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