They're Always After Me Lucky Charms

by Scott August. 05, 2010 3948 views

I've kind of been craving some Lucky Charms [] lately. They're on sale for $2.99 a box down the street… the problem is I know I will eat the whole box in one sitting! I just can't eat one bowl of LC's! The thing I love about LC's is those little marshmallows! The cereal box has that rainbow with little marshmallows flying through it. Rainbows are kind of cool. I mean if you're sitting around with your friends, and rainbows came up in the conversation.. you'd be like “yeah whatever”. But when you're driving down the freeway and one appears, and then 5 miles later and you still haven't gotten to the other end of it.. well thats pretty cool. In Maui last year on vacation, they were a pretty common site. In fact, after a while, you kind of get tired of photographing them. However, when you pull over to photograph an old rusty abandoned building, and all of a sudden a rainbow appears.. and then it becomes a double rainbow, well thats pretty cool! On a side note.. a couple weeks back I gave a link to a gig I played with John Blair and the Trespassers. Here's a couple more from that show. “Exodus” [] and “Suicide Bay” []. Thanks for checking them out.

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