The Salton Sea- Part 1

by Scott March. 26, 2012 12482 views

For people who enjoy exploring abandoned places and such, The Salton Sea [] is like Disneyland! Its one of those places that I had always heard about… this once tropical paradise that had dried up, the Sea turning toxic….people just picked up and left, leaving behind their mobile homes and trailers. Hotels and resorts left to rot, their old dilapidated piers and buildings a reminder of better times. About 5 years ago, I decided I had heard enough about this place,and that I needed to see it for myself. I've made the five hour round trip drive about 6 times so far. Its an interesting place, because as the old trailers slowly sink into the muddy earth, and the old trailers slowly rot, other areas sprout up with new homes and new residents. It is one of my favorite places to explore and photograph.

A classic 2-tone trailer

This was once prime real estate, right along the water. The earth is slowly reclaiming these structures.

A lone trailer stands where hundreds once stood. Shot in panoramic.

This was always one of my favorite trailers to photograph. Only recently has someone added the art.

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