Capitol Records Mural- Then & Now

by Scott February. 19, 2013 8833 views

This great mural created by Richard Wyatt in 1990 sits under the world famous Capitol Records building in Hollywood, CA. Everyone knows the building, but the mural didn't really catch my eye until a couple years ago, when wandering around Hollywood, I thought to myself, “wow, look at this sad faded mural.” I took some photos of it, went home, googled it, didn't really find much, and then forgot about it. Then late last year I drove by and noticed it had been covered by scaffolding and a tarp. To my dismay, it appeared that under the tarp, the mural had been removed! I rushed home and once again went to the internet to find out what was going on. My search turned up zero info. I even wrote a letter to the LA Times demanding they investigate! No response. So fast forward to January 2013… Theres a thin sheet covering the mural and it has clearly been restored! A week later, and with no fanfair, the sheet is removed and the new restored mural is unveiled. Apparently the property owners partnered with the artist to restore it. Instead of being painted on the wall, it is now made up of painted tiles and looks really great. There's also plans to incorporate the mural into a stage as part of a larger redevelopment of the area (including 2 new skyscrapers). I'm glad the mural got the love and attention it deserved.

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