Silver Fountain Inn-Abandoned

by Scott March. 13, 2013 39066 views

The Silver Fountain Inn is located in Branson, MO. If you've never heard of or been to Branson, its kind of like a Midwest Las Vegas, but without the gambling. To be honest, Branson is my kind of town (in the same way Vegas is). It's just this giant, kitschy, overdeveloped place, full of larger than life entertainment options at every corner! And it is exactly the kind of place I like to photograph! So we pulled over to take a picture of the Inns sign, and its weird because the hotel is kind of set back… and there it was in all its abandoned glory! I couldn't believe it! I had left my Mom and Girlfriend in the hot car, so I had to be quick. I'm not sure when this place closed exactly.. the last mention I can find online is 2002. I took these photos on 6/5/10 (my Bday!). As of today, it still shows on Google maps, which kind of surprised me, but I'm sure they will tear this one down soon.

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Steve Phipps 1 year ago

Stayed at the Silver Fountain Inn for a few nights on a family vacation around the summer of ‘80. Fairly upscale motel at the time that my parents considered to be “top end” of their budget. One evening we ate at one of the local buffets and I got food poisoning. Parents hauled me to the old Skaggs Community Hospital ER in the middle of the night. Got close to getting my stomach pumped... but my parents decided to let it wear off and I was in decent shape by morning when we cut our stay short and headed back home to Kansas City. From that point on we always connected the Silver Fountain Inn to that incident and wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.

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Robin Anderson 3 years, 8 months ago

#6 My husband and I were hired by the owner.....Peter/Pete to clean up the grass and weeds, the pool area, and buy chains and locks for the pool gates, He was worried because the city police was warning him to have it cleaned up, we bought a new weed eater with our own money ...worked evening and on our days off for 2 weeks. When it came time to get paid. Peter was no where to be found or heard from again!!! Guess we did get a new weed eater ...haha Guess the bank took it....wish I had the money we were promised!!!!h

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Shaina Hurst Hunt 3 years, 8 months ago

Hey! I'm from Branson, grew up in the neighborhood to the west of this hotel, less than a mile from it. The hotel closed shortly after a tragic event. It was around maybe 2004? I was in high school. There was a drug deal gone wrong in out neighborhood (mostly a nice neighborhood but this one culdisac was a little rough). The two guys got in a fight and guns were drawn, shots fired, cops called. One of the guys ran from the cops and ended up at Silver Fountain. For no apparent reason he shot the front desk clerk, an unarmed woman, before the cops got to him. After that incident the motel never was able to recover. It was a haven for homeless and drug dealers. It was definitely still there in 2013. I was working at the Dixie Stampede and we would watch police chase squatters out. But I do believe it had since been demolished. I moved from Branson in 2015 and haven't kept up with it too much. But my parents and sister still live in that neighborhood.

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