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by Brian Scott August. 21, 2020 240 views

A year or two back, I noticed an old post box in Taff's Well, just down the road so, I took a photo of it. After that, I couldn't help but notice them and now, I look for them. One day they'll be gone.

"The roadside post box was introduced in Britain following the 1840 postal reform which provided for universal affordable postage. New adhesive stamps made pre-payment of postage easy. However, letters usually had to be taken to the nearest letter receiving office which could be miles away. This, together with the growth in demand for postal services linked to industrialisation and urbanisation, led to the need for many more convenient places where stamped letters could be deposited."

Royal Mail Post boxes

A shame to see this old Edwardian post box in such a state in Llandudno, N Wales.

Edward 7th in Llandudno, N Wales

Edward 7th in Llandudno, N Wales

This Victorian box was spotted in Richmond in N Yorkshire.

Victoria in Richmond, N Yorkshire

Victoria in Richmond, N Yorkshire

George 6th, spotted in Penrith in Cumbria

George 6th in Penrith, with a bad crack in the door.

George 6th in Penrith, with a bad crack in the door.

There's a beautiful Victorian pillar box on the streets of Chester. Spotted it on your wanders?

Spotted George outside a convenience store in Bainsford, Falkirk

Spotted this Georgian box on a wander to the pub for dinner

This beautifully maintained Victorian pillar box, sits in Monmouth, an old town, well worth a visit.

We had a weekend in Bristol and walked miles. There seem to be a lot of old post boxes still around and Bristol is well worth the visit.

Spotted a few old boxes in Bristol

It's worth noting, a lot of these old cast iron boxes are still in use today.

Travelling around the country, we often stop off to stretch the legs, have a P etc :)

Jedburgh is a lovely old border town in S Scotland and the road between Edinburgh and Newcastle is a beauty to drive on.

Victorian pillar in Jedburgh

Victorian pillar in Jedburgh

Another stop off, on the drive from S Wales to N Scotland, Keith

As you can see here, most of these are phone pics :)

Our northern destination on this trip was Ardersier and there, across the road .....

Spotting post boxes was never something I thought I'd be bothered about but, I guess in my latter years, I have different interests and, one day, they'll possibly disappear altogether.

Maybe its because, now having photography as a hobby, I look more, see more?

Buy your own post box?

You may be surprised to see how much one of these could cost as a decorative item.

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John Durham 11 months, 1 week ago

great series - a fun subject

11 months, 1 week ago Edited
Brian Scott Replied to John Durham 11 months, 1 week ago

Good morning John, thank you. It has made wandering around towns, interesting 🤔 👍

11 months, 1 week ago Edited
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