The broon dug stance

by Brian Scott September. 10, 2020 283 views

Maximillian Broondug (Max) is actually a Border terrier, a wee beauty that we got in 2007, free via an ad in the paper. Remember those? FreeAds. Still around online.

By the way, broondug or weebroondug is a Scottish ism for little brown dog.

Anyway, he's been with us through many adventures and now, he's 17 and starting to show his age, as do we all in the end.

So, I've been taking SO many photos ....

I hope you won't get bored of his adventures.

By the way, it looks deserted, no, just good / lucky timing ;)

Owning a border

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Camellia Staab 1 year ago

Having just recently lost our Shit-zu of 14 years (by the way that is not a misspelling....when he was unhappy with me he squatted and didn't care where) I know exactly where you are as far as taking tons and tons of photos. glad you are sharing them with us smile

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Brian Scott Replied to Camellia Staab 1 year ago

+1 I may go retro and get some of my favourite shots with him :)

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Brett Johnson 1 year ago

Absolutely brilliant, stunning, special image! I love this, lots!

I get it with old puppies. My fluff ball Boris is only 8, god, I hope he makes 17! Before Boris there was 3 German Shepherds, who all passed before they were 11... I loved them so much. Before those 3 Shepherds was a Staffy, his name was Rivet. I loved him too, as we do with our puppies. Rivet was a very forgetful puppy, seriously. He forget everything, and we used to say when he got to 19 that he even forgot to die. On the day of his 20th birthday we came home to find him lying on his back, in the sun, in the kids sand pit, as he did every afternoon! He had gone, but a perfect end. Maybe brun dug will go to 25? God I love my dogs, they are (as I say) better than people!

Anyhow, sorry for the story, the image IS so damn good on so many levels all that stuff just poured out onto my keyboard. And that sir is exactly what the great images are meant to do. I reckon you have just made a great image that many would react in the same way I did. 

G'day from Australia.

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Brian Scott Replied to Brett Johnson 1 year ago

G'day mate +1  thank you for this, I'm honoured that an image can evoke such memories and thoughts. Dogs are indeed more than a mutt, a member of the family, they unconditionally love and trust.

I can remember every dog we've had, throughout my lifetime, including some that the family had after I vacated the home and escaped to her majesty's service joy

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