A walk around town

by Brian Scott September. 27, 2020 290 views

Just a walk into Caerphilly and out again.

We've had some beautiful days recently, heading into winter so, there's been a chill wind blowing.

St Martin's church cemetery

St Martin's Rd. ends at St Martin's church, a beautiful building with a lovely old cemetery, just before turning down into town on Cardiff Rd.

Looking down Cardiff Rd into Caerphilly

As you turn onto Cardiff road, the town lies in front of you, you can just see the castle between the trees.

Two languages.

All the signs are in both Welsh and English. I hadn't noticed the camera before, maybe something to do with the two pubs?

The King's Head pub. On the right side, a beautiful old building.

Around the corner. Cardiff Rd turns and runs along above the castle, quite a vista as you look left.

One of many castle entrances. There's only one way into the castle for visitors but, there are several gates.

There's a walkway around to the front of the castle and lower town. Kids like to gather up by the bus stop.

One of several entrances. This gate is fabulous, the shadows cast by that fence!

Arch I tecture?

Tommy Cooper statue.

Out of a hat?

Words carved in stone. Sioned, aged 8, had her words carved forever into a couple of huge stones, below the visitor centre, next to the war memorial. A nice place to sit and relax, watch the world go by.

The 'new' shopping precinct, like most towns now, with the guides for social distancing, which, sadly, many ignore.

The castle sculpture. On the pathway along the front of the castle, lies this wonderfully intricate replica.

Quite an entrance! Closed for now.

The castle lake. Around the far side is a wonderful lake, often surrounded by guys fishing but, what a view.

Van House & the dovecote.

Behind town, on the hillside, lies Van House, currently under wraps, not sure why!?

The back gate. Our walk brought us around behind the castle, yet another wonderful view. The sun rises behind the castle, makes some wonderful shots.

Finally, heading back through the houses, towards home. this walk is around 3 - 4 miles, depending on the route taken.

Couldn't resist these acorns hanging by the path.

We walk this route several times a week, just for the walk and a few photos, of course.

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Adrian Morris 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Great set of pictures.

8 months, 3 weeks ago Edited
Camellia Staab 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Looks like we are both taking walks, except on opposite sides of the world. Hey, I am willing to trade places with you because by the looks of these photos you have a gorgeous area to walk around😉

8 months, 3 weeks ago Edited
Jeff Damron 8 months, 4 weeks ago

What a charming town.  I love the castle!

8 months, 4 weeks ago Edited
Brian Scott Replied to Jeff Damron 8 months, 4 weeks ago

I guess it has its charms Jeff, like many others it's good n bad but, yes, that castle is something isn't it?

8 months, 4 weeks ago Edited
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