Those damned morning songs.

by Brian Scott October. 03, 2020 323 views

I've not been on for a few days, back working again, albeit, from home but, I'm finding i don't feels like more 'puter time after spending the day staring at one.

I know which I'd rather be doing but, for now, someone wants to pay me so, who am I to argue.

That aside, I woke this morning with this in my head.

Not unhappy about that, in fact, spent the morning following those years, loved it.

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Camellia Staab 10 months ago

I never liked the idea that they eventually shortened their name to CCR. But their music sure felt good to the ear.

10 months ago Edited
Brian Scott Replied to Camellia Staab 10 months ago

Aye, they definitely had a sound, kind of strange mix of styles but GOOD

10 months ago Edited