There's a lonely man ....

by Brian Scott October. 21, 2020 200 views

Looking out my window ... yeah

Ok, not my window exactly but, you get the drift?

A visit to Scarborough, Yorkshire in 2019 and the weather was just grand, well, the sun shone, for a while and the cold winds blew and .... well, it was good enough for walks and explorations. So, up to the castle I ambled, quite a hike but, there's a coffee shop, just inside the grounds. Well, you have to stop for a brew, oh and a piece of cake.

So, settled down with my cuppa and HUGE slice of something sweet, I looked out the window.

Despite them being hugely useful, I despair of the mobile phone, or, more accurately, smart phone but, that's another story.

I just liked the window framing this guy wandering up and down outside.

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