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Sometime last year, a fierce, yet bold cat came by and wrecked havoc in our porch. Later, she delivered 3 kittens in my laundry basket. Feeling sorry for her, I started to feed her. After a couple of visits to the vet, 2 of her kittens, the dark coloured ones, just up and left. I never saw those two again though there are days when I still wonder what happened to 2TP's brothers.

I guessed they may not have enjoyed those visits to the vet. Now it's just Narnia and 2TP, and sometimes I wonder how I am able to cope with their daily antics. They've taken over the house. The strangest thing is that 2TP continues to charm his mom into giving him milk - months after we've gotten her splayed, and him neutered!

There are just too many strays around, and owners that just don't care for their cats in this area so we do what we can. As I write this, I realise that it was easy to love them even from the start. Now, mother and son are inseparable!

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