Majlis Perkahwinan

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Mohd Faiz Abdullah & Nor Azuwan Yaakob

Dewan Banquet ICC, UPM
12.00 - 4.00 petang

Sabtu, 8 Disember 2007 bersamaan dengan 28 Zulkaedah 1428 Hijrah.

Dr. Faiz's daughters with early guests.

Dr. Faiz's daughters with early guests 2.

Honorary guest, Dr. Mardziah with faculty's staff.

Faculty's staff table.

Faculty's staff table 2.

Guests awaiting the couple's grand entrance.

All's prepared for the happy couple's arrival.

Guests greeted at the door.

The grand entrance.

Arrival at the grand table.


The siblings.

The flow of guests continue throughout.

Gifts for the guests.

A union of families.

'tis the table of radiant love.

Guests delighted to share in the couple's joys and blessings.

The groom's speech.

Happy, smileys all around.

The cake is presented.

Hearts united in celebration of a beautiful union.

Honorary guests' table.

Perfect setting for pleasantries.

Warmth and laughter filled the hall.

Greetings and congratulations are now in order.

Upon request, the couple obliged a brief photo session.

Photo session 2.

Photo session 3.

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