Kenny & Nathalie: Wedding dinner shots

by Scribe March. 24, 2008 1949 views


Fresh white roses and carnations adorns each table

9-dish menu selection

table setting

fellow guests at table 9

ready to indulge in delicate shark's fin soup

fellow guests at table 9

dancing, singing emcees on stage

ready for desserts

live band

groom's parents

groom's parents: II

champagne pouring ceremony

easy does it…

hmm… all filled?

yarm seng ceremony

yarm seng ceremony II

yarm seng ceremony III

groom's call…

like mother, like daughter

like mother, like daughter II

happy family

couple time: kids at home

purple pens and sachet for every guest

drunken fist

wanna see my move?

wanii: long lost college friends

catching up after college

drunken dance

we're a team

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