Mount Kinabalu: Set 1

by Scribe May. 01, 2008 861 views

On the way to Masilau Resort

Breath-taking scenes to take in after lunch.

one of our first glimpes of mount kinabalu… taken from the bus, as might be quite obvious.

are you scared now?!

be brave… no turning back now.

OMG… we haven't even reached Kinabalu Park and already we're being discouraged.

That looks like a really, really, really tough climb!

maybe we could just stay at Kinabalu Park Resort… I hear there's loads of fun things to do there.

Loads of fun, less intimidating things to do.

Registration and paying our mountain climbing fee at Kinabalu Park (fees are required when you decide to take the longer, more strenuous route). Also called the scientists' route, starting your hike from Masilau gate means a couple of hours' hike longer than if you took the Timpohon Gate route.

There's no turning back from Kinabalu Park once you get on the bus headed for Masilau resort where we spent the night after a day traveling in the bus and listening to a lot of crap.

Should I, shouldn't I… oh well.. what the heck. I'll conquer that mountain when I get to it.

Oh yeah.

Getting dark and cold, but the bus to Masilau from Kinabalu Park hasn't arrived.

Off we go again… here we come, Masilau Gate!

Second stop, actually, third stop… we were at Nabalu roadside market earlier - the perfect place to get a cool pair of “Kampung Adidas” - perfect mountain climbing pair of shoes.

I was the only one who bought a pair… for him.

I can do this!

Promise of a new day…

Hardly a night's rest after dinner at Masilau's restaurant when it's time for us to hike up to Laban Rata…

I can hardly keep my eyes open!

Maybe we should just stay here… but we're using a different route down!

Okay… all set, I guess.

Eek! Forgot the sunblock!

The mountains call…

I obey

The range we are set to climb…

whooopeeee… I hope.

Perfect weather to begin the scaling expedition

Charming, friendly mountain porters… they carry luggages, gas tanks and even people on their backs, all the way up, and down the mountain trails.

If she can do it, so can I!

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