Mount Kinabalu: Set 2

by Scribe May. 02, 2008 833 views

It's essential to listen to whatever the porters, and your guides have to say… we learned that there are Chinese burial sites unlike any other in this jungle here.

So confident… our first KM

rushing waterfalls adorn the mountainsides

In time, we met someone who could no longer walk… so he sat under the waterfalls and prayed… we prayed for him.

Clouds begin to gather as we begin to ascend

it's a beautiful life!


every stop is delightfully surprising!

mountain guides… the real VVIPs for your survival. We got wind of a girl, then a guy who got lost while we were there… it's easy to take the wrong route!

Looking down from this point made my legs tremble!

Higher up now… feels better. I can do this.

These people trained for 3-6 months before their attempt. We had no training whatsoever, and only reserved our flight a week before they left.

We only joined because two people from their group dropped out.

The guide next to me… Arduan soon became my personal guide.

2nd KM… we're getting the hang of this.

The waterfalls were all so delightful… untouched.

on the old, shaky suspension bridge.

everyone will have to pass this bridge.

mountain water to re-fill our water bottles at every stop…

Trails become tricker… rockier and so taxing!

Go on… I dare you.

from one bridge to the next… at KM3 to 5, if I'm not mistaken.

jungle business? there's a toilet at every stop… except there are those that you really have to be really, really, really brave to step into. The toilets are usually just off the trail. You have to hike down yourself, do your business, then hike up again, usually when others have passed you.

hut stop… near the end, we stopped stopping at the huts… just want to get to Laban Rata a.s.a.p. so no time for anything!

spectacular orchids

the trails become muddier, more slippery and harder to get across

all that effort and still 4 more KM to go… ugh!

we're really regretting this… we've already been left behind ages ago.

Pitcher plants… loads and loads of them

Everywhere you turn, pitcher plants… we got a whiff of the Rafflesia, but couldn't stop… no more time for photos!

Keep walking before our legs crumble!

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