Zachary & Azura ties the knot.

by Scribe August. 20, 2008 1126 views

Magic and I left from my place in time to get stuck in the usual traffic, but though we thought we made wrong turns during the drive accompanied with our usual quick catch-up chatter, we made it to the wedding dinner ceremony on time.

We were stuck in the jam longer than the duration of the dinner.

No additional comments… at all.

The cake that guests never got a taste of… not a good shot of magic with the white and red striped wedding cake (wonder what that signifies?)

The wedding theme was “Baba-Nyonya” and the little girls all looked so absolutely adorable in their mini-kebaya and sarong.

We were having our quick malay [email protected] style dinner when the couple took their place in on their seats, so we missed that photo opportunity… still, the kids are so adorable!

Did you know that kampung style wedding dinner means using your hands to eat? Well, I was the only guest (even though I can 100% safely be considered Nyonya) who requested, and got a pair of fork and spoon.

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