Cats at the back garden

by Scribe November. 01, 2008 847 views

He's so handsome! Though he's grown so much, he's hardly a full tom cat… as playful and naughty and self indulgent as ever.

The warmth of the morning's sun is so soporific.

… but I'm still watching out for those birds and what's that king fisher still doing up there?

Oh yeah… they'll NEVER guess where I'm hiding, those darn birds.

ahhh… she just loves tumbling on the ground, scratching her back… feels so good!

no, don't join me… this whole space here? … all MINE!

did you hear what I said?!

Musentra flava… they're growing so well at the back.

wild papaya tree just grew one day and never stopped. now it's mr and mrs king fisher's favorite perch to watch my water fairies … and they're just eager to swoop down if not for 2tp and narnia.

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Lynda 12 years ago

Nice set and commentary. How lucky you are to have kingfishers.

12 years ago Edited
Pumacat 12 years ago

beautiful cat pictures !

12 years ago Edited