Invaluable information about Ah Kong.

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In her greatly appreciated, unwavering search for information about our grandaunt, cousin Ying came across information about our her second brother (dad's father, Soo Hoy Wah, grandaunt Kim Lan's younger brother).

I did not have the opportunity to meet grandfather but dad talked about Ah Kong through beautiful photographs he pointed out to us during our very young, inquisitive childhood days. Regardless of where we moved, Ah Kong's and Ah Mar's portraits always graced the second hall of our home so I think I might recognize him if he was alive.

I am very grateful to cousin Ying for sharing this because I knew so little of him but the little I knew always showed grandfather to be a hero - I loved listening to one story in particular where Ah Kong dived into the Pahang river, then infested with crocodiles to save a Sultan's life when a large croc overturned the Royal boat as it sailed the river.

All articles sourced by cousin Ying and information she provided with Aunt Crystal are precious because they knew Ah Kong and spent time with him personally, describing him in their own wonderful ways. Here is a wonderful piece she shared about him:

“Hi Jacq,
While searching the internet for info on grand aunt Kim Lan, I came across some info of her younger brother Soo Hoy Wah, your paternal grandfather.

I do not know if you have seen these articles but I thought they may be of interest to you. As I recall, your granddad was a very jovial person and had a very similar personality to his son, Uncle Weng.”

Love, Ying"

Article 1 []

Article 2 []

Article 3 []

Article 4 []

Article 5 []

In memory of Ah Kong.

Poised in Perfect Peace
Shh… he is sleeping
Ah Kong is fast asleep
He is at peace and resting
There is no cause to weep.

Sailing across the seas
He leaves us to reminisce
His will and whimsies
A man of true nobilities.

He did his duties
For family, friends and fellow men
All still miss him in his offices
and at his private seaside dens.

As I grew up
all I hear of Ah Kong
tells how he was witty, happy and prim
brave, generous and kind, all lifelong.

Having held many an office
Having been always gracious
He will be remembered
As favorite and favored.

May God continue to bless him
Protect and comfort him
Soothe and guide him
with heavenly hymns.

Love always,
from me and everyone in our family.

Cousin Ying shared these articles with Aunt Crystal and in response, Aunt Crystal (Ching Koo to cousin Ying) shared some brilliant memories of Ah Kong, whom she addressed as “Yee Kow Kung.”

"Since Yee Kow Kung lived in Seremban, we knew less of him than the granduncles in KL. You will be pleased to know that he lived such a distinguished life. As I remember, he was a very amiable man and kind to children. He would smile and make jokes with them and pet their heads. We always enjoyed our trips to Seremban. Should we be going to Port Dickson we would always drop by for a visit. We would have the opportunity to reacquaint with Yee Kam Por, Ah Yong, Ah Ho and Ah Weng, the youngest cousin. Those were the good old days gone by!

Note to family:
Aunt Crystal and cousin Ying
addressed Ah Kong as ”Yee Kow Kung“,
and Ar Mar (Nyonya Lim Guat Ngor) as ”Yee Kam Por."

Mr. Soo Hoy Wah elected as Vice President at Seremban Chinese Club.

Mr. Soo Hoy Wah re-elected as Chairman of Seremban District Welfare Committee.

Mr. Soo Hoy Wah honoured for State Public Welfare Work in Negeri Sembilan.

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