It's not the moon

by Scribe June. 16, 2016 738 views

These shots were taken slightly right of the day's setting sun . My son and I happened upon it as we were leaving the restaurant after dinner. At first, I thought, that's not where the moon should be, then turning around, got confirmation from the moon itself.

Hmm… yes, both my son and I think, I caught a spaceship on my iphone's camera. What do you think?

Can you spot it? It caught my attention because it appeared like a shining pearl amidst the clouds (between the trees).

You may be able to see it better through this shot. It seemed to be observing us as we observed it…

This bird shared our curiosity for the magnificent sight!

I get the feeling that this bird could be stalking me, but I don't mind… it reminded me: we're never alone.

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