A Girl and Her Dog

by Liz September. 18, 2008 3873 views

Found this in my father's slides. My step-mom gave me all his slides after he passed away. I learned that I definitely inherited the tendency to take A LOT of photos from him!

Photo credit goes to my father, all I did was scan the slide.

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Jannie 9 years ago

Very poignant, makes me miss my Dad too. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him, I'm sure it is the same for you too. This shot must just tug at your heart.

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Tomie Poodle 9 years ago

it's a beautiful pic!! gyou've gotten a good inheritance with the passion of to take pictures..

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Paul Mcclure 9 years ago

It doesn't always matter who took the shot (And you did give the credit to your father) it's cute photo

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Mindy 9 years ago

I really like this photo!!!!

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Lynda 9 years ago

What a wonderful slide??full of memories for you. Thanks for sharing.

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Neil Rosenberger 9 years ago

Great shot, your dad got a good capture, excellent. cd

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Jacki 9 years ago

You were so cute (NOT the usual at this age!!) and what a great shot with your dog!

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Carol 9 years ago

..Your father sure took a splendid photo of the girl and her dog....Good job....

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Tom 9 years ago

[b]Wonderul Shot, fantastic, thats cool that you did get some memories[/b]

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Mel 9 years ago

Your father really captured the closeness of 'man' and his best friend. Great shot.

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Gillian 9 years ago

They really look like they're best friends. It must be good for you to look through all your father's slides and re-live a bit of his life through them.

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Sojourner 9 years ago

well, like father, like daughter?
definitely, YES!

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Leocheung 9 years ago

Natural pose, great lighting and composition. Great picture.

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Ye Lwin Oo @ William 9 years ago

[b]sorry for your late dad... i know it's a huge loss for you... you should be glad that you have succeeded something precious from him... may he rest in peace...[/b]

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Eric J H Joyce 9 years ago

Your father did great.

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