My Christmas Present to Myself....

by Liz December. 27, 2008 4271 views

Decided to give myself a Christmas present - a Nikon D90 camera! I'd say I was rewarding myself for good behavior, but no one in their right mind would believe that! ;)

No, not the crazy parrot. She's been a member of the family for ten years or so now. See the box behind her for a clue….

Yep! A Nikon D90!!!!

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Mel 11 years ago

Nice camera. I hardly know you and I bet it was bought in an attempt to keep you out of trouble.

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Jannie 11 years ago

Congrats!! I have a D70 & I love it. Who knows better than yourself what the perfect Christmas present is?? Toby looks like he's worried, better get him some parrot sunglasses to protect his little parrot eyes from all that flash he's going to be exposed to!!

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Chelsea 11 years ago


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Grzegorz 11 years ago

fantastic ,enjoy!!!!

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Tomie Poodle 11 years ago

great present!! it's a good choice! :)

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Jacki 11 years ago

Well obviously you did SOMETHING right! :) Great gift and well deserved!

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Finbarr 11 years ago

great present!! enjoy!

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Laura 11 years ago

One of the best presents ever!!! Enjoy it!

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Susan Jane 11 years ago

OH WOW! Congratulations! Remember "well behaved women rarely make history!"

Go shoot em' up!

11 years ago Edited

Oh merveilleuse idée !! je pense que vous allez être très heureuse avec votre nouveau jouet !!

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Alexandra Pechabaden 11 years ago

Oh I was hoping it was the parrot, but it's even better if he is a family member since a long time! It's such a great picture! Of course, the camera looks lovely and very black. Very camera like. A new beauty!

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David Cardona 11 years ago

Great take! I added first one into my favorites. Thanks for sharing!

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Shilpa Satish 11 years ago

wow, lucky you!

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Tom 11 years ago

Wow congrats on your present, looks like the bird is happy too :)

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Gillian 11 years ago

Everyone deserves to be given a nice present by themselves! Hope you have fun with it.

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Eric J H Joyce 11 years ago

I have 2 Canons but all of the cameras are good these days. Once you start with one it's hard to switch for lens reasons. Great present.

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Mindy 11 years ago

Very nice present!! I have a NikonD70 and I love it!!

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Lynn 11 years ago

Love the parrot!!! I bet you can't wait to try out that awesome D90...ENJOY and look forward to seeing the results :))

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Pennywyatt 11 years ago

Great !!!!!!!!!! You picked a wonderful gift. I have a D40, small but I love it. Nikon takes great pictures!

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Iris St.Onge 11 years ago

Wow...a D90! Enjoy!! : )

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