Beijing Confucius Temple, also Day #3

by Yassmeen September. 03, 2016 107 views
Etchings of Dragons in pavement

These Beautiful Carvings

We also visited the Confucius temple nearby and, just... how can someone make such magnificent carvings in stone when I can't even draw a flower. 

outside view from door

Imagine seeing this when walking out of a building

Intellectuals lived large. 

an alter

And then this alter made to honor Confucius

You know you did something meaningful in your life when someone makes an alter to honor your work.

Small Characters carved in Stone

Beautifully Carved characters

When I see these beautiful characters that are actually carved in stone I wonder how someone can make it look so beautiful when my characters just look like sloppy scribbles. Hopefully calligraphy class helps, haha.

Stone held together with metal

This artsy looking piece of stone

This gives an idea of just how old these stones are. Yes, these were made in 1302, and yes they are still standing even though some need some help.

About 150 slabs of stone with tiny characters on them

The many slabs of stone that Intellectuals had to memorize

We were surprised by the amount of slabs filled with Chinese characters that the intellectuals at the time had to memorize in order to pass the civil service exam.


Beautiful Gateway

This gateway is just beautiful in every single way, even the color scheme is perfect. I dare say it has more fashion sense then me...

water surrounded by two walls

Even the water matches the color scheme

What is life, when the Chinese have green water that matches a Temple's design.

a throne

And then the Emperor's FABULOUS throne

a statue of Confucius

And finally the man himself, Confucius

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