Lama Temple Day #3

by Yassmeen September. 02, 2016 165 views
A Huge bell with Chinese characters carved in it

Beautiful bell you see right when you enter

We went to the Lama Temple the second day upon arrival. Right off, this beautiful bell caught my eye, the amount of detail that went into carving all these tiny characters into this huge bell is mind blowing especially since this building was made in 1694.

Buddha Statue with food sacrifices in front go it

The Detailed Work in this statue is AMAZING

Lama Temple Buddha

A Buddha Statue

We explored the temple and were somewhat pleasantly surprised when we saw Buddhist monks in one of the temples praying while surrounded by locals. We felt as if a higher being could exist from the way that the monks were praying, even though we didn't understand. They spoke the prayers aloud and in such perfect timing that it felt as if there was power in the spoken words.

SYA Students Praying to the Gods

Praying at the Lama Temple

My friends and I prayed to the gods. I wished for a good school year and to be able to get into a good college (Typical Junior year mindset). 

Three stone lions with money between their teeth

That Money though

People put money in the lion's mouth for luck and to hope for their wishes come true (this is a guess and may not be accurate so don't take my word for it).

Scroll with four languages on it

Oh yah we know four languages, said the Chinese in 1694

ceiling with patterns on it

Even the Ceiling is Magnificent

Two people walking through the back of a Temple

The lighting was perfect

a circular object spun for good luck

Because why not spin it for some good luck

27 meter statue

HUGE Buddha statue in Lama Temple

Can we please acknowledge the large 27 meter statue in the main Lama Temple, that was also made from only one tree? For any american out there 1 meter= 3 feet, so do the math and see how many of you it would take to become as tall as this statue.

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