The purpose of Zen is the perfection of character

by Charles Stirton October. 11, 2007 6714 views

Japanese Karesansui Gardens

Karesansui gardens [] reproduce natural landscapes in a more abstract way by using stones, gravel, sand and sometimes a few patches of moss for representing mountains, islands, boats, seas and rivers. Karesansui gardens are strongly influenced by Zen Buddhism and used for meditation.

There have been many attempts to explain the Zen garden's layout []. Some of these are:

- The gravel represents ocean and the rocks represent the islands of Japan.
- The rocks represent a mother tiger with her cubs, swimming to a dragon.
- The rocks form part of the kanji for heart or mind.

David Zasloff plays the Japanese Shakuhachi Flute []

“The purpose of Zen is the perfection of character”
Yasutani Roshi

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Charles Stirton 13 years ago

Or perhaps its the perfection of character that is Zen? Either way it seems Zen can only be aspirational for most of us which is just as well for if we were to became perfect then where would we go next?So Cherax let's revel in our 'peggedness'. See question above.

13 years ago Edited
Cherax 13 years ago

But I'm not sure it's meant to have any meaning. You have to un-ask the [url=]question[/url].

13 years ago Edited
Pete 13 years ago

thanks for enlightening

13 years ago Edited
"Stephanie" 13 years ago

This is a beautiful post - well done - simple and effective!!

13 years ago Edited