Overberg Renosterveld 2: Legume species

by Charles Stirton February. 04, 2012 8947 views

The Overberg Renosterveld is rich in many species. My own speciality is the study of the plant family Fabaceae (commonly called Legumes). Here is a selection of the richness of the species of legumes found in renosterveld remnants. Many of them are very rare and only restricted to this region. Those species referred to as sp. nov. (species novum) are currently being written up for formal description and publication.

Amphithalea violacea

Aspalathus alpestris

Aspalathus asparagoides

Aspalathus (microlithica) sp. nov.

Aspalathus (quartzicola) sp. nov.

Aspalathus sp. nov. cf. calcarata

Aspalathus millefolia

Aspalathus mundiana

Aspalathus opaca subsp. opaca

Aspalathus pinguis subsp. australis

Aspalathus smithii

Aspalathus spinosa

Aspalathus submissa

Aspalathus zeyheri

Indigofera heterophylla

Otholobium (curtisiae) sp. nov.

Otholobium candicans

Otholobium pungens

Otholobium spicatum

Lotononis sp. (I cannot identify this species)

Polhillia brevicalyx

Polhillia canescens

Polhillia pallens

Polhillia sp. nov. cf. connatum

Lessertia spinescens

Liparia striata

Rhynchosia sp.

Wiborgiella bowieana

Xiphotheca guthrieae

Xiphotheca rosmariniifolia. This species was described as Nw in 2011.

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