Aspalathus 2, Part 2: Breede River and Hex River valleys

by Charles Stirton March. 30, 2012 12402 views

Here is the second part of species of Aspalathus (Tribe Crotalarieae, Fabaceae) found in the Hex River and Breed River valleys and lower catchments. I am sure that there are more species still to be discovered in this region, particularly on mid and upper slopes of the Catchments.

Aspalathus pallidiflora

Aspalathus petersonii

Aspalathus quinquefolia subsp. virgata

Aspalathus recurva

Aspalathus rubiginosa

Aspalathus rugosa

Aspalathus singuliflora

Aspalathus sp. cf. cephalotes (Photos courtesy of Anso Le Roux)

Aspalathus spicata

Aspalathus spicata

Aspalathus spinosa

Aspalathus spinosissima

Aspalathus submissa

Aspalathus hispida subsp. hispida

Aspalathus tuberculata

Aspalathus tulbaghiensis (Photos courtesy of Nick Helme)

Aspalathus uniflora

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