Rumours abound that Bath City Council want to destroy Norfolk Crescent Green Tree-lined river frontage

by Charles Stirton May. 15, 2012 46080 views

Rumours that Bath Council want to destroy Norfolk Green Tree-lined river frontage

I am sitting at my desk looking out over Norfolk Crescent Green in Bath, England. It is drizzling slightly but quite sunny as well (monkey's wedding) but the green and the large trees which line its southern border fronting a stretch of the Avon River are looking resplendent. The trees on both sides of the cycle and pedestrian path form a natural tunnel almost unique along the Bath stretch of the Avon River. The cycle path is a 100 m tunnel (see pics) of verdant vegetation and home to nesting birds and squirrels; voles and otters are often seen along this stretch. The trees help bind the river bank (one of few natural banks along an otherwise concreted river stretch) and form a natural wind break creating a still and protected environment for the many visitors who relax on the green or walk their dogs. In one of the pictures is a group of Bath residents who regularly conduct herbal study walks along this stretch of river.

And now the rub. The Council want to “democratize” the river bank by open the protected green to views from passing boats and the residents of the huge “panelak” (tower block) housing complex being built across the river. They want to chop down the trees or clear all the bushes or both. The local residents and the many users of the green and the cycle path SAY NO. Please reconsider. It would have been nice if our views were even considered.

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Storytaylor 9 years, 3 months ago

really? omg

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Dzmitry Samakhvalau 9 years, 3 months ago

super, no other words

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