Saturday night

by Sewerranger April. 26, 2010 2342 views

Saturday night I went on an engagement bar crawl with my football team. We've been playing football together for about 3 years now (2 seasons a year). The team captain and quarterback recently got engaged and in keeping with the spirit of our team, we went out and got drunk to celebrate.

Here is the bride to be and our football captain, Jess, making what I can only assume is a sexy pose after 5 hours of drinking.

Here's a quarterback and groom to be, Dave.

Here is my roommate Pat and a friend Kristie. This was taken in the biggest hipster bar I've ever had the pleasure of going to. The place was filled with walking stereotypes that took one look at us (we were dressed really nicely that night after all) and left the bar. No joke, 3/4 of the bar left when we walked in.

My friend Dane and Jess talking over a beer.

An ultra rare picture of me. And I do mean ultra rare. I have close to 3000 photos I've taken over the years and maybe only 100 of them contain me. Consider yourself lucky.

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