Kinetic Sculpture Race

by Sewerranger May. 04, 2010 2154 views

Here are the first set of sculptures to attempt the mud pit.

Here is team “Got Milk”, a father daughter team “on the search for a cool glas of milk”, that won the “Speed” award.

Here is team “Big Bamboo”. There entire vehicle is made of stuff they found in the garbage and bamboo they grew in thier yard. Last year they won the “Golden Flipper” award (the first vehicle to flip over in the water) but went home empty handed this year.

This is team Anemone Antics. They had a grand total of 10 people, pushing, steering, and pedling this thing. It's tiny tires got it completely stuck in the mud and people from the audience had to jump in and help push it out.

Team Circus Rat has been racing the same sculpture for 7 years now.

This was team Chessie (since the Loc Ness Monster is nicknamed Nessie, the Chesapeak Bay Monster is nicknamed Nessie). It was 25 feet long and powered by 3 people. Suprisingly it actually made it through the mud without problems.

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Mikkal Noptek 11 years, 2 months ago

Strange and cool pictures

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