601 Reserva Limitada Blue Label

by Sewerranger September. 28, 2011 7387 views

Don Pepin Garcia is one of my very favorite cigar rollers. I've had several dozen of most of his cigars and I've not really had a dud yet. Without further ado, my review:

My initial thoughts on this cigar is that it's a bit plain-jane looking. The maduro wrapper is dark, but not too dark. There's a couple of veins, but nothing to write home about. The label is a blue, red, and gold affair with the numbers 601 brazenly in the middle. Like I said, it's not ugly, but it doesn't really stick out either. Not detered, I set out to see how this little guy taste. That was a good idea. The cigar lit with no issues and a decent amount of blueish smoke began to wiff off the end. The initial puffs were all Don Pepin - super intense pepper. This was quickly followed up with some woodsy flavors and a bit of leather. About half way through a creamy bitter espresso taste crept into the cigar and all three figures melded together with pepper still being the predominant flavor. The flavors pretty much stayed the same after that - something I don't always look as a negative. The cigar finished with a nice pepper and leather blast. It was pretty much a typical Don Pepin cigar and one I'd recommend.

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Marilyn Grimble 7 years, 11 months ago

Ashes to ashes!

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