[ Voyeurism in and around SF ]

by Scéal Goya April. 26, 2017 725 views
"Any photographer who says he's not a voyeur is either stupid or a liar. "

- Helmut Newton

Will I make this a series for sure. What is it for now ? I don't know. But yeah I started with this concept of toying with the idea of being the "peaking tom" (voyeuristic approach). Playing with varied points of view. Along the line capturing unique moments that are frozen to that time. Every city has it's vibe. I aim at capturing the vibe of SF like the walls of a building or the trees on the street. Meaning capturing the flow of San Francisco unhindered. I also aim on capturing SF from an outsider's view. In doing so I can get more authentic and shots of the city that is, San Francisco. 

Burdened with commodities - a homeless

There are more folks (atleast here in SF) who are homeless. It is indeed painful to see their condition but it also reflects upon the harsh reality of progress in any metropolis - Wealth Gap and income disparity. Will the entry of AI into our lives make it better for these folks? We are at 7 billion (and counting) and still have so much of the population unemployed. By 2025 we will be 10 billion and surely the jobs for humans will be far less than is today.  It feels like whilst technology is good. It has harnessed a monster amidst itself. That will sparse out jobs for the living (humans). I hope not !  

Stepping past in the hustle of the city

Checking on her phone whilst on commute

Do we drive technology, or does technology drive us. We are more attached to technology than we are to the one's we are supposed to love. These days everything "e" has taken over the real. Being a tech-head myself I feel I am in a unique juxtaposition. For as much as I like technology, I also see it's shortfalls.

Walking across safely

Lunch time at a food wagon.

Various signs while walking

This started off one evening when I decided to take San Francisco's photograph in unique spontaneous ways. But now after having seen the photographs myself I am compelled to push this forward to a series. As if builds I will share and so will I share what goes into making this from concept to reality. 

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