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It all started ...

Back in 2010; I got my hand on Canon EOS 1100D, it was love at first sight. Before that I had taken photographs. But with a DSLR at hand things became alot serious (at least for me). Then the Odyssey of a photography hobbyist began.

The interim passion and love for photography was growing without me knowing it. Whether it was capturing during family trips or between classes I would always get myself awestruck with something incredulous and worth telling.

It wasn't until my MBA in 2015 that I realized. I cannot do business related tasks anymore. I saw myself more as a creative than an executive. Thus starting a journey towards the glorious world of Photography.

Currently pursuing my Master's in photography from the Academy of Art University. Alongside photography, I have also started exploring Virtual Reality film production and creation. The more I am creating stories the more I want to tell stories worth sharing. Be it photographs or Cinematic Virtual Reality.

While capturing photographs and making the VR videos I have come to realize. That with each creative piece I deliver I also share a bit of me to the world.

In a nutshell : A photographer | A dreamer | A storyteller.


Artist Statement ...

Photography has been my passion since childhood, but it has only been in recent years that I have been able to pursue it as a professional activity.

Growing up in Dubai, U.A.E broadened my horizon to see perspectives apart from my own. Empathizing for others over own. During my formative years I was getting the notion of telling a story but never took it seriously.

My first introduction to photography came as a child, when I received my first DSLR.

I was hooked on photography from the first moments that I learnt the basics of shutter speed and focal length, and whenever I had the opportunity I photographed virtually everything, relishing the opportunity of experimenting with different


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