by Shamballah September. 02, 2008 1438 views

ascona seen from monte verita
on a sunny afternoon in late august 2008

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Shamballah 8 years, 8 months ago

trust me, living here is really nice, you are in the middle of europe, it is close to italy, the alps are near to grap and the best of all the palms!
there will follow some pictures of the ticino winter-it is so great,
a mediterranian atmosphere at the lake and the hills surrounding it are topped in white. unfortunately i had to work yesterday and did not manage to take some shorts of the lake.we had heavy rain the days ago and all the water reservoirs surrounding the lake were opened the tide rose more than 1,5 metres above average and the lake was covered by stripes of dead trees and smaller pieces of drift wood.
this really looked bizarre. those stripes were kilometres long...

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