Getting Started: Home Run

by Shane Thomas July. 09, 2011 6044 views

5th Attempt/Session with dSLR.

Well that was an interesting experience. I saw what I wanted and got set up.

From the onset I began to realise that, no matter how many settings I messed about with, no matter the plan to tweak the saturation and contrast later, I was not getting the shot I was looking for.

“Let's go home…” came the sage advice.

Pop into the garden, take a quick snap, voila! Sometimes, I think too much.

Take a newbie (me) that has no idea how to take photographs. Next, grab an entry level Nikon d3100 with 18-55VR stock lens and set both to full manual. Then, try to take photographs and have the end result resemble what was in my mind when I clicked the button.

An idea…

Without success…

A sage assistant…

Offers sage advice…


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Amanda-Jane 6 years, 2 months ago

Great set! I love the angle of the last shot, really nice. And #2 is gorgeous :) :)

6 years, 2 months ago Edited
Shane Thomas 6 years, 2 months ago

Typical. Just had a brain wave and I have a fair idea of what I could have/should have done to get the shot I wanted from the tree line. I'll be back trees! You mark me! I'll be back..!

6 years, 2 months ago Edited