Fishing Boats, Ernakulum

by Andrea February. 03, 2008 2986 views

Bored with Fort Kochi (see previous page), I caught the ferry to Ernakulum (5r!) and rode over to Vypeen Island via, crossing the bridges to get there. Under one of them I saw a fish market and went down to check it out. This is what i found. Of course there was also the fish trading but I guess the boat action is what I felt like photographing.

It was nice not to be mobbed for a change. The guys just let me get on with it, showing a degree of shy curiosity only and waving me good bye when i left.

From Vypeen Island, I caught another ferry back to Fort Kochi. I am sure it was even less than 5 rupees. Maybe 2r and for one, no one tried to charge me extra for the bike.

I had a great day and, for other travellers to this city, an excellent lunch in Ernakulum at Frys Village Restaurant.

Surely that engine is going to end up in the drink.

Indians in these parts eat fish every day, if they eat it at all. I had one fish meal where I had three different serves of fish but no vegetables. I experienced this several times. A bit strange. Although its thought that Indians eat lots of vegetables, I wonder about this. They eat a lot of rice, a lot of spices, a lot of chapatti, (some eat a lot of fish), a lot of chilli; muslims eat a lot of meat, but most of the vegetarian meals I ate did not actually contain much vegetable substance. Mostly a curry is water and spices.

I am not so keen on Lunghis being worn this way. I like them long. But it is hot.

By the way, the catch in the boat is pathetic. Lots of people eat fish here but there don't seem to be so many fish in the sea.

I love the sight of a boat full of guys like this, especially those standing up. Its more picturesque but a pity about the background.

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Joã£O Baptista 8 years, 12 months ago

Fantastic colors!!
Thanks for sharing!

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