Last Day in Delhi - before flying out

by Andrea February. 14, 2008 4530 views

I had a lot to do on my last day in Delhi but the main task was to get my bike boxed. Most of the pictures above are taken from the back of a rickshaw when I was transporting my boxed bike back from Chandni Chowk to my hotel room in Pahar Ganj for my last night.

Majnu Ka Tilla - I spent my secondlast night here - The Tibettan Colony in Delhi.

That's my bike in the foreground, in a box of course. It and me are on a rickshaw going back to Pahar Ganj. In the background is the Red Fort, a major tourist site in Delhi.

The way ahead in the late afternoon.

Its full of rickshaws. We spent a lot of time in the stationary position.

The view over the back.

And again.

He's got a good face, hasn't he?

These are strips of sachets of various things including shampoo, tobacco and sweets. I bought all my shampoo for my trip this way to keep the weight of my gear down.

All these shots are from the back of the rickshaw when stationary. This is just another view on the side street.

An unusually vacant patch of street side.

Anoop Hotel in Pahar Ganj. Its a bit messy. But look, marble everywhere. I think this room cost me 350r.

I accepted it because it had windows which, since they were painting the hotel with highly toxic oil paint, I needed to escape the fumes.

Still messy. I am in the throes of deciding what to chuck out. I had to get my baggage down even more so as to avoid paying excess baggage fees.

The bathroom and the ubiquitous big bucket - I wish I could find one like this at home - its about 20 litres. In this hotel, there was a shower, though not hot but often you only had a bucket of hot water to wash in. But also there was often enough in it to enable you to wash some clothes in hot water still. I did almost all my laundry by hand throughout my trip in this way. It meant i didn't have to bring many clothes and could avoid laundering expenses.

Wandering around Pahar Ganj on my last night I got a henna design on my hand for nothing - I didn't really care whether or not i had one but it was advertising for the people doing it. This guy has just bought a nice little design on his chest.

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Joã£O Baptista 8 years, 12 months ago

Fantastic photos!!

8 years, 12 months ago Edited
Hasnae 9 years ago

2 is beautiful

9 years ago Edited
Jane 9 years ago

These are really interesting shots and your commentary is great. What a crowded, busy place - liked the 'bit of vacant space' shot.

9 years ago Edited
Swaps 9 years ago

nice set.. :)

9 years ago Edited
Péter Somogyvári 9 years ago

Wonderful pictures!!Thanks for sharing!!!

9 years ago Edited