Day 15 and 16 - Keep River to Kununurra

by Andrea June. 05, 2011 2903 views

Date 4 June 2011 Friday

Destination: Keep River to Kunnunurra HIdden Valley camp ground
Distance: 44 + 3+ about 10ish I guess -
Water - plenty of water along the way but I didn??t need to fill up anywhere.

I slept well, got my act together and got on the road again without incident. I crossed the WA border soon after and the police didn??t bother to look in my bags for contraband or illicit fruit.

I saw my first snake, a python. It was crossing the road.

I found a bucket on the road and attached it to my gear since I was missing my collapsible kitchen sink already. But as a direct consequence of my new acquisition, I lost one ockey strap, my bath towel and face washer which I had drying in the sun on the back of my bike as I rode into town. The bucket seemed to have undone the strap somehow. Strangely no passing cars bothered to indicate to me that my gear was coming undone - for the second time. So by the time I noticed something was wrong, I was a fair way down the road from it all coming loose.

I didn??t have time to salivate over all the sweets in the supermarket today when I went shopping. I had too many jobs to do and I got cold from the air conditioning and had to leave asap.

In town, there are 4 van parks which seems a lot for such a small town. It just goes to show how many tourists there are in this area.

Its a public holiday on Monday so I will leave town sooner than intended and I may not see all that I wanted and I won??t get all I need done. But I??m coming back so it doesn??t matter too much. I was lucky enough to get my meds. I got to the chemist about 45 minutes before closing and the chemist phoned up my usual pharmacy at home and sorted it all out for me without charge. He was great. Another lucky break!

At the van park, some French campers have a net connection so those of us who know can use their wifi connection without drama or cost. Fantastic!

I had a quick look in one art gallery today but its fairly generic aboriginal art - its not The Art Centre. I will try another two tomorrow if they are open.

7pm: Dinner at Hidden Valley camp site
1 glass merlot - very poor
1 large piece of rock cod dipped in egg then flour and cooked on the grill with olive oil
Some turkish bread
½ lime
1 cup tea with fresh milk

I??ve chatted to a couple of backpackers today. An italian who was making melon vodka drink and a french guy about food in france. There are many backpackers here working in nearby farms - quite a lot of french and a sizable contingent of Japanese. They grow melons here but probably other things too. There??s a sandalwood plantation. The Ord River Irrigation Project is a big deal which I didn??t bother to do any research on but it means that vegies are not rediculously expensive here. This town is also the nearest to the Argyle Diamond mines which are the biggest in the world in some way or another. I can't remember the details. I didn't go to see any diamonds but there was a shop in town. I can't do everything.

_ I've got no more pictures from these two days but i have another blog entry. I might post it tomorrow.

I forgot to add this one to yesterday's blog. This is the Keep River Ranger station where i pitched my tent.

I love aboriginal names but they are often unpronouncable and this one is very long. lol to myself, it reminds me of Kannada - the language of Karnataka in India.

This has got to be the cutest boab tree i saw.

The view is much the same in the other direction. We are nudging up against a national park, though as national parks go, that one was very disappointing. this is the caravanpark.

On the way to the caravan park was the cemetary. It was much more rewarding than the nat park too. I didn't photograph it but i found some rosella bushes.

I think this is the back side of the same grave.

Some new graves. Not too keen on my photoshoppping. I seem to have sapped all the colour out.

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Portreeslim 5 years, 7 months ago

I think it's 2 trees, and they are in lurve.

5 years, 7 months ago Edited
Oweena 5 years, 9 months ago

I agree, that's a cute Boab tree.

5 years, 9 months ago Edited
Beth 5 years, 9 months ago

bummer about losing your stuff... but what a trip you're having. Once in a lifetime, I'd say.

5 years, 9 months ago Edited