27 June - Lenard Gorge, camp Dogchain Creek

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Date 27 June 2011 Monday

I had a lovely leisurely morning today, though I slept in too long. I didn??t get going until 11am It was nice knowing I don??t have to travel far. Though when I got to the gorge I found out I couldn??t camp there as I had intended. Not only was it not permitted but it was a hike to the creek.

It was only a few km from last night??s campsite to lennard gorge turnoff. At the parking there were only toilets, no shade and no camping. IT was a 40 minute walk to the lookout for the gorge but getting down to the water was next to impossible. I think sometimes people get injured trying. But it doesn??t really matter as there are many gorges around here. This one was one of the more beautiful though I thought, especially since you arrive at it from above. I met an italian couple. The guy was funny. He was finding this trip too much like hard work. Not restful enough. The woman was enjoying the adventure. But wanted more. Not unsurprisingly, it was all going his way but do you think he would let her drive so that he could relax a bit. Not on your life. One of those people who think no one else can do the job and don??t know what??s good for them.

I had a swim in the creek to cool off on the way back to my bike.

On the way in to the gorge, a yellow van was parked at a creek crossing. It turned out that a foreign backpacking style of tourist had driven into the creek and drove onto a rock and damaged her vehicle. She was going to have to abandon it, to the tow truck man and continue her trip in the company of others. Luckily she found some others to help her.

Hmmm there are lots of little flies in my tent right now.

1pm: Lunch at Lenard Gorge
Refried borlotti beans with tomato and cumin and garlic.
Damper which I made this morning when I made my coffee.

The beans taste better today.

Back at the carpark, I got my lunch and went back to the creek for a dip. IT was pretty hot today. The path was rocky going.

7pm: Dinner at Dog Chain Creek
Spaghetti w tuna peas, in tomato sauce with parmesan. - yummy
I had a big spoonful of chocolate pudding for dessert as offered to me by the other campers.
Tea with ginger and milk

I got to the creek quite earlier. About 3.30 I think. I washed my clothes, my hair and spent ages hunting for wood. Logs were in short supply. The other campsite was deserted when I arrived. They had some big logs which they later told me they??d brought from another campsite.

After dinner and I took up the invitation of the campers to join them. I was so happy to be honoured with the use of their only chair. They seemed happy sitting on the tarp but they are young - in their 20s I??d say or early 30s perhaps. Three girls and a guy. They are hiking guides from Tassie and melbourne. They made chocolate pudding while I was sitting with them and cooked it in their steamer pot over boiling water. They didn??t cook it properly so it was like warm cake mixture when it was served but it still tasted good because they??d put in so much cocoa.

They do a nice thing. They all draw in a book each day. Little stories and things from their day for the trip. A joint diary. They seem to get on very well.

Dog chain creek is the first creek after Lennard Gorge turnoff that has running water. Its a nice little spot and I am camping very close to the road even though officially camping is not allowed here. There is another group of campers here. There are still a handful of travellers through these parts that feel ok about breaking the rules. This area has a lot of national park. The rest of it is private land but because of fires and rubbish, restrictions and have grown tighter in recent times.

The waterfall which was virtually inaccessible for all but the most intrepid tourist. I didn't have that much energy for it either. But it was gorgeous. It looks small in this shot but its actually huge.

Showing the nice pool above the waterfall. With tree.

Without tree. :-)

Gives you a good idea of the country.

I had a swim here and ate my lunch. Diary coming later.

My campsite at Dogchain creek

A perfect little damper.

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What a beautiful country!

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The muffin/dumpling thing doesn't look bad.
#6 is great.

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