2 July - Adcock Gorge to Station Creek at Mt Barnett

by Andrea July. 13, 2011 2991 views

Date 2 July 2011 Saturday

Destination: adcock gorge to Station creek at Mt Barnett
Distance: 37km

9.0am Breakfast adcock gorge
Porridge w dreied fruit skim milk
Coffee with skim milk not happy with this.

I didn??t stop at Galvan??s gorge which was the next gorge on the route, not far from where I was and also a small one. I think its the only one along the road that I missed.

I met a family at a look out and we chatted for a while. They, particularly the hubby, we??re inspired by the idea of cycling journeys. I was the second tourer they??d met. They??d also come across a couple of women who??d I think I??d heard about before, coming the other way. I hoped to meet them as I had met so few cyclists on my route so far and none for ages.

The wife confided that there had been a family conflict and their (this particular family's holiday had been seriously sabotaged by it. They were en route to Derby and hoping to make it all the way today, which I thought a bit mad to miss so much jsut because you don't have all the right camping gear. It was the brothers-in-law who had been in disagreement. The other vehicle had the trailer with all the gear on it leaving them with no gas for cooking. It was a bit sorry affair but I tried to give them some ideas how they could go on and not rush past everything.

Mum and I joked about why the snake crossed the road. ??but now I can??t remember what that joke was about.

I saw a dingo dying by the roadside. It must have been hit by a car. Poor thing.

Arrived at Mt Barnett about 1pm.

1pm: Lunch at Mt Barnett
Fish and chips - very large serve of chips$12.50
Iced coffee $3 something
Drumstick icecrem $4.450

You can see I??m making up for the plain food I??ve been eating lately with as much decadence as I can find.

Groceries: they didn??t have much of what I wanted - no oats except quaker oats in a box for $6 probably about 300g or something like that. 2kilos of flour or rice, both white. I bought flour in the end.
Milk powder $15.

The people in the shop at Mt Barnett were not very agreeable. I asked about food for cyclists. They didn??t want to know. No chance of charging my laptop though that??s to be expected. Whinging woman. [later in discussing my experience here with other travellers, I was struck how we all felt the same way about them. They were new to the business, seemed to be about two families and generally resented the tourists and were not particularly interested in meeting our needs.

This shop is one of only two along the 900km stretch between say wyndham and derby or fitzroy crossing. They're main reason for being is to service the local aboriginal communities in fact it is owned by them and these people only manage it.

While i was waiting at hte counter an aboriginal family came in and the mother made a joke for my benefit. The kid wanted had grabbed an icecream out of the fridge and mum said, put that back johnny. We've got crocodile for dinner shortly and you'll ruin your appetite.

I got in to camp latish. I didn??t want to pay for camping to night which I would have to do if i??d continued on to Manning Gorge only a couple of kms away and where I was heading, so I camped out at the creek bed 1km from the town - not strictly legal. (A few days later, I would find out there was an even nicer creek just on the other side of the town). Still I made a good camp around a bend and out of sight of the road. As it was a warm evening, I thought I??d not erect the tent but during the night I woke to a heavy dew so crept under the fly to keep dry.

7pm: Dinner at
Spaghetti soup made with soup mix and spaghetti. I think I??d had it for lunch

I had a binge tonight as I couldn??t get to sleep until 2am
I made White dumpling bread probably about twice. I kept getting up and as there was nothing else to do I ate something. I suspect the food ii'd had at lunch, had something to do with it and as I am transcribing this from some time later, I think this must have been the start of my slacking off on controlling what I ate.

Injured dingo. This is the only picture i took today. I must be getting tired of hauling out my camera. But about this poor dingo… He wasn't sitting up like this when i rode past but my approach alarmed him somewhat. He can't get up and run away. He's obviously been hit by a vehicle. His condition must be made worse by the stress of vehicles passing by him so close so often and probably i am not the only one to stop for a closer look. I hope someone might soon put him out of his misery with a gun. I did that once when i was in india. I called a vet to get a dog put down after it had been hit by a rickshaw most probably. No one around seemed interested or capable in helping the dog (I watched a whole procession of locals parade past on their way to sunday church, not one even glancing at the dog) and i wouldn't be able to nurse it. I thought it would die of thirst. In the end though i regretted what i had done because i think in trying to catch the poor dog (to my surprise it was able to get up and run away), i caused it more injury and pain than it might otherwise have had if i'd left it to die more slowly. And who knows someone may have come along and taken pity. Its doubtful anyone would take pity and feed and nurse this dingo back to health but i had no resources to do anything anyway.

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Lisa 5 years, 2 months ago

yeah, aw. :-( never nice to see animals suffer especially when it's 'our' fault.

5 years, 2 months ago Edited
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