3 July - Station Creek to Manning Gorge Camping Ground

by Andrea July. 14, 2011 3361 views

I seem to have wiped out my diary for today and some days to come. So now i'm writing completely from memory of many months later.

Today i road a few kilometres. From Mount Barnet itself there's a back road of maybe 7kms to the gorge camping ground. Its a very large and popular camping ground and i didn't make the effort go further than creek which was only a few hundred metres stroll. My energy seems to be flagging after about six weeks on the road.

Instead i lazed around setting up my camp, doing washing of myself, my clothes and my bike, though the water from the showers came out in a trickle until late in the day when a generator was turned on and normal water pressure returned. Maintenance of the campground is kept to a minimum but ultimately its ok except you have to pay for the privilege of pitching your tent on a certain patch of ground just near to a lovely gorge.

Aside from the trifle I got invited to share, another family camping nearby me, invited me for homemade scones with jam and cream. Yum!! They were from Darwin. The former crowd were from Adelaide.

I heard about but didn't meet a whole busload of touring cyclists. They stopped at the shop but didn't come into the campground. I was very disappointed about that because the last time i met such a group, i'd been treated like a queen. However, the bus didn't come in to Manning Gorge because they had serious mechanical problems on the bus and its trailer itself and/or perhaps they didn't want to pay the fees and spend a whole lot of time mingling with a campground full of other tourists when there are so many other quieter places to camp. However, Manning Gorge is one of most lovely and fun to visit of all the gorges on this road. So we all missed out.

I had this idea of doing a representative pose with a lot of boab trees but i only made a few and this is one of them. Although i think i actually got someone else to take this shot for me.

Rosellas i picked from some bushes gone wild. I thought i'd make syrup. I grow these at home in my garden. They make the best jam but peeling away the fleshy bits is a slightly prickly job.

In the pot and read to go. The colour of the juice is devine. Red as pomegranate juice.

I guess i had this for lunch. It looks like its got cheese sauce on it.

Bush trifle. You can only make this if you travel with fridge and lots of storage capacity. Its made from packet fruit cake, packet custard, jelly in tubs and canned fruit. I can tell you it was the most delicious thing i'd had in quite a while though it doesn't look too appetising here.

Trifle eating companions. The man on the right is a small tour operator or guide and these are some of his mob. He invited me over as entertainment for his troops and i got paid with a good feed. No but it was fun. This trip was something really different for most of this group and one or two of them had never ever considered that there could be anyone like me riding a bike around on her own in this part of the world cavorting with the wildlife and suffocating in dust. The blonde woman thought i was some sort of goddess.

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Andrea 5 years, 2 months ago

Well we are becoming very common.

5 years, 2 months ago Edited
Oweena 5 years, 2 months ago

Nothing wrong with being thought of as some sort of goddess!

5 years, 2 months ago Edited
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