7 July - One river to the Han River

by Andrea July. 18, 2011 3025 views

Gosh the quality of this blog is falling rapidly day by day. Nevermind, i want to push on.

I'll probably try to fix up the vaguer details once i find that diary.

I am not even positive which photo comes first. I suspect the latter one because i know it was taken in the morning.

I cannot remember too much detail about the days cycling - certainly nothing interesting.

I've left my last gorge behind i think it was quite a long stretch today. The anonymous creek i camped at wasn't clearly marked on the map so i didn't know what i was looking for. I knew there were some creeks about when i left Barnett in the morning but i didn't know where they were. I think i crossed one other quite big one before i found this one.

The way i see it, sometimes a very bad picture is still worth taking. This post includes two campsites. I arrived here late in the day and by the time i got my camera out the light was very low. To get to this spot where the water was clear and shallow i had to leave the main road and bush bash a bit.

These are my neighbours at the Han River. It turned out they lived not so very far from where i live - about 250km i guess. They are bushies in way, though she is originally from the city which was nice because it meant we could have rather better to music to listen to than recent nights selection. She introduced me to a great album of Renee Gayer who is a well known Aussie jazz and soul singer. I shared my rissotto dinner with them because the poor woman was complaining how he never cooked for her and therefore no one ever cooked for her. Luckily i had plenty of risotto in my pot and it was pretty good actually. I think they kept me topped up with bourbon and cokes which i also enjoyed very much. And they had a spare chair that i could luxuriate in for a time. Other than that, i didn't find this campsite so brilliant. It was ok. If i'd had it all to myself though i know i would have liked it more. Funny how that is. There were other people here too.

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Oweena 5 years, 2 months ago

Risotto for bourbon and cokes seems a fair trade.

5 years, 2 months ago Edited
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