8 July - Food - who knows where i am today.

by Andrea July. 19, 2011 4066 views

Oh i do remember where i ended up today.

When i stopped to cook my dinner above, it was still fairly early in the afternoon - maybe about 4pm or something. I pulled up by the side of the road and built my fire behind some bushes. I didn't usually like to camp so close to the road. I couldn't get off further because of rocky and scrubby ground all around. Also this is not ideal because of the dust and noise thrown up by traffic, not that there is much traffic in the night. And also of course for self-preservation - just in case one of these driver's really is a serial killer.

I know i had recently stopped for a wash in creek. but perhaps it was too early to stop completely or there was no suitable place to camp either.

However, after i'd finished dinner, feeling energised again (which is perhaps why i stopped early) I got on my bike again and continued. Probably if my laptop battery still had some charge, i'd have stayed and and pottered on it to pass the hours before sleep.

Eventually just on dark i would come to a spot beside an overgrown creek. there was i welcomed warmly and cheerfully by a group of four adults from Perth. I was offered my choice of beer, wine or champagne. After that i think i was offered something else but of course i'd already had dinner. Maybe i settled for dessert.

I had a lovely time chatting to these people all in their 50s. One was an accountant. One was called buffy. they were south africans. the other couple were his clients. And before they got in their truck, they'd done a week-long hike into the most remotest part of the kimberley to go looking at aboriginal rock paintings. Now that sounded really adventurous.

One of them donated a tiny can opener to my cause which is handy for the odd can of sardines that is still not made with a flip top.

Who knows where i am or what I got up to today, apart from doing dinner. the brown mush looks like dal. Do you see the pot that the tomato paste packet is in. Its a tiny egg poaching pan. I think i would lose this somewhere along the way. Useful if one wants a fried egg but not much good for anything else really.

Everyday i delight in my damper making invention - an oven.

And the bread it makes. See no charcoal. before i worked this out the closest i got to bread was dumplings.

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Oweena 5 years, 2 months ago

Yep, Fandy and I would be bleached skeletons having starved after just a few days of this.

5 years, 2 months ago Edited
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