13 July - Crossing the Pentecost River

by Andrea July. 23, 2011 5592 views

I'm still at Home Valley station and have had second breakfast compliments of this couple. They insisted on me eating fried eggs and i think bacon and toast. I am sure i had already had porridge but the odours coming from their stove was too much for me to bear. They were my neighbours. The campground here was very busy. It was a bit of a shock to the system but after the trip i'd just been on i didn't mind a bit of civilisation. The shower block here was quite amazing. Each cubicle was as big as the usual disabled toilet. There was a basin, hot water, mirror and toilet of course. So plenty of room for me to do all my business and enough hot water to enable me to have as many showers as i could manage without really depriving anyone. The place is next to a big river also. Actually it wasn't THAT fantastic being in amongst all these poeple with their noisy kids and big brute 4WDs and every bit of gadgetry a person doesn't need on a camping trip but i wasn't complaining. I was able to charge my laptop again free of charge by plugging into someone's power board. But had i really wanted to have a quieter time, there was another campsite by the river without power and shower blocks (i think) and therefore not too many customers. Besides i liked being near the restaurant. I actuallly stayed here an extra day just so that i could go back to the restaurant a second time and have that chocolate mousse. Alas, wouldn't you know it, but the chef was having the night off and his replacement didn't so such a beautiful job on the presentation as the chef had done yeserterday. Oh well it still tasted the same. I should say that to camp here cost $16 per night. In view of all the facilities i didn't begrudge the splurge.

These three pics look like the same shot but with just a different angle of view. I'd say the water at deepest was above my knees. This is a notoriously croc infested river though i have to tell you that if i thought the danger was great, i would not have walked across it with my bike. Although there are no cars parked on the other side, plenty of cars go through this river and i could have got a lift if it was genuinely treacherous. In fact a vehicle carried my bags so that i could avoid crossing more than once.

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