"Da'yi" died !

by Masoud Ahmadpoor April. 30, 2010 5475 views


The brother of one's mother is called "Da'yi" in persian words. I lost my uncle two days ago. He was the last uncle and more similar one to my grandfather (He was a spiritual man and I hadn't never seen him).
This post is tribute for lost "Da'yi" !

The main portrait is own of "Rakesh Syal" !

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Elham 6 years, 11 months ago

خدایش بیامرزد
پرتره زیباییه

6 years, 11 months ago Edited
Christa 6 years, 12 months ago

Your great picture is a beautiful tribute.

6 years, 12 months ago Edited
Pegah & Gelareh 7 years ago

Roheshon shad. tasliyat migam, bebakhshid ke inghadr dir shod.

7 years ago Edited
Agnes Felber 7 years ago

I came back to take this photo into my favorites. I found myself thinking about it since I first saw it. It is like a a painting by Rembrandt, really!

7 years ago Edited
Hamidmehri 7 years ago

تسلیت میگم.روحش شاد.خداوند سلامتی و طول عمر به مادر گرامی عطا بفرماید

7 years ago Edited
Milton Jacob 7 years ago

condolence. this is a lovely portrait

7 years ago Edited
Ruhey 7 years ago

Nice tribute

7 years ago Edited
Azadeh 7 years ago

تسلیت میگم , خیلی متأسف شدم , روحشان شاد.

7 years ago Edited
Lynn 7 years ago

Sorry for your loss...nicely done.

7 years ago Edited
Pandka 7 years ago

Very sorry to hear... Great portrait.

7 years ago Edited
Teo 7 years ago

A wonderful portrait. My condolences.

7 years ago Edited
Edgar Baird 7 years ago

I am so very sorry for you loss, Masoud...0 Allah, forgive our dead and alive, our present and absent, our young and old, our male and female. 0 Allah, whomever among us You gave life, let him live with Islam. Whomever among us You took life from, let him die with Iman.

7 years ago Edited
Quinn 7 years ago

well done.

7 years ago Edited
Á G N E S 7 years ago

My condolences, and sorry for your loss !
Nice tribute...

7 years ago Edited
Bwannadon 7 years ago

Wonderful portrait! So sorry...

7 years ago Edited

ببخشید من دیر تسلیت میگم .خودت پایدار باشی

7 years ago Edited
Joe 7 years ago

The photo protrays him as a "peaceful man". Nice tribute.

7 years ago Edited
Péter Somogyvári 7 years ago

Beautiful tribute ! Fantastic portrait, excellent shot !
/my condolences/

7 years ago Edited
Azra Kukura Burzic 7 years ago

very nice

7 years ago Edited
Mahel34 7 years ago

Tous mes condoleances. Bravo pour cet hommage photographique.

7 years ago Edited
Siavashsb 7 years ago

تسليت بنده را هم بپذريد
اميدوارم دنياي رفته ها جاي خوبي باشد و دنياي زنده ها بهتر شود حداقل

7 years ago Edited
Farideh_Homam 7 years ago

تسليت مرا بپذيريد.

7 years ago Edited
Marie 7 years ago

a great portrait !!! My condolences !!!

7 years ago Edited
Sadhya Rippon 7 years ago

My condolences on your loss. You post a very beautiful portrait of your Da'yi.

7 years ago Edited
Jennye 7 years ago

wonderful tribute. So sorry for your loss!!

7 years ago Edited
Gonia 7 years ago


7 years ago Edited
Goldbrandi 7 years ago

Oh!Great photo! :))

7 years ago Edited
Marsha 7 years ago

Lovely tribute post....sorry for your loss.

7 years ago Edited
Tom 7 years ago

Sorry for your loss, good shot

7 years ago Edited
Andrea 7 years ago

I am sorry for your loss! Great photo!

7 years ago Edited
Brenda Nelson 7 years ago

Masoud, this was a lovely tribute to your da'yi'. He would have been honored. God's peace.

7 years ago Edited
Ole Kristian Valle 7 years ago

I'm sorry for your loss Masoud.
This is a beautiful image of him, and a great tribute to this man. He looks like a very kind man.
May he rest in peace.

7 years ago Edited
Jumiella 7 years ago

Great tribute post!

7 years ago Edited
Pickledherring 7 years ago

May Allah bless his soul.

7 years ago Edited
Tim 7 years ago

sorry to hear, the portrait is great.

7 years ago Edited
Mouette 7 years ago

Wonderful portrait ! Beautiful tribute to Da'yi. And what can I write more... when someone beloved disappear it's a really difficult moment. With the time pain is less acute and we keep in our heart all the beautiful moments passed with this person. All my mind to you and your family !

7 years ago Edited
Finbarr 7 years ago

Sorry for your loss !! nice tribute ,

7 years ago Edited
Tomie Poodle 7 years ago

great tribute! the portrait is beautiful!

7 years ago Edited
Ibrahim 7 years ago

we also call "Dayi" in my country. Allah'ın rahmeti üzerine olsun (God's merci on him) Amen.
peace in rest.

7 years ago Edited
Davorka ČEoviä‡ 7 years ago

My dear friend I am sorry for your loss!Peace to you and your family!

7 years ago Edited
Maryam 7 years ago

واقعا متاسف شدم! خدا رحمت شان کند! براي تو و خانواده محترم ات آرزوي سلامتي و صبر دارم دوست عزيزم

7 years ago Edited
Elisabeth 7 years ago

Sorry for your loss. Your uncle looks to be a wise and spiritual man. Your tribute honors him nicely. Peace to you and your family.

7 years ago Edited
Agnes Felber 7 years ago

Dear Masoud, I am sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful portrait of a kind man.

7 years ago Edited
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