Sicily Day 3: Castello Ursino and Mt. Etan

by Shasta Paravati August. 31, 2019 499 views

I don't know what's up with volcanos this year. When leaving Bali the main volcano erupted. Mt. Etna erupted the week prior to my arrival in Catania. That didn't scare me from wanting to visit the volcano. :) Mt. Etna is the highest and most active volcano in Europe. More information on Mt. Etna:

First, Castello Ursino is an unsuspecting gem in the middle of downtown Catania.

Mt. Etna - The volcano is an hour drive north of the City. I highly recommend going. We used a tour guide and that was nice for the first time up. Next time, we're going to do a self tour.

Our van...

Giuseppe, our guide. He walked ahead in the blistering winds as if it wasn't an issue. I mean my oldest niece and I were nearly blown away and we were holding on to each other at one point in the tour. Her hairband flew off her head as we were walking. Talk about strong 'head winds'.

"Button" craters

This is sibling love. You're supposed to put your foot on your older brother or sister just to show how strong you are. LOLL

A much bigger underground lava tube. This required hard hats.

The tour provided us with traditional street food and wine. Oh that was so good.

The south view of the crater.

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